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Choosing a plan...

Finding the right plan can be overwhelming when it comes to solving the Medicare and retirement puzzle.  You have limited budget with many concerns.   First you need to decide if the Medicare Advantage plans (MAPD) will meet your need or you need to select among Medigap Plans (Medicare supplemental plans) that usually require a higher monthly premium.   What about Long Term Care insurance, Nursing Home and Home Healthcare coverage?   Do you have need for such coverage and can you afford it? Do you need some additional life insurance coverage?  Does Medicare cover recipient’s healthcare cost outside of United States?   Do you need to buy Travel health insurance when you travel to Europe or Canada?

Then you have the job of selecting the right insurance company and a plan that is easy to understand and use. Making sure that you will meet all the requirements, guidelines and deadlines will present another challenge.














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We are on your side!

It is very important to have a trusted advisor on your side.  As an Independent agent representing almost all major insurance companies, we make this process easy for you.  When you call us, we will evaluate your individual need, budget and preferences and accordingly provide you with the best solutions.   We will discuss the pros and cons of every plan and let you make a decision. You are not alone in this process.  Learn more about us!



Medigap Plans  (Medicare Supplemental Plans)  


Medigap is coverage that is offered by private insurance companies that as benefit pays for the medical cost that is not covered by Medicare.  In order to be eligible to sign up for a Medicare Supplemental Plan you should already have Part A and Part B of Medicare.  Theses plans are offered based on guaranteed issue when you become first eligible for Medicare or you turn 65.  There are also other criteria that acceptance is guaranteed based on certain events and dates.    

We represent majority of insurance carriers that offer Medicare supplemental plans including  Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross , Blue Shield, Humana, United Healthcare and many others.  Not every company offers all the medigap options but they all offer Plan F which is the most popular plan.  


Due to government regulations all Medigap plans  offered through insurance carriers are uniform.  What it means  If you  sign up for Plan F with Anthem Blue Cross  would provide same coverage and benefit as any other carriers Plan F such as United Healthcare or Humana.  


Of course each  carrier charges different premium  for their plans.  In selecting a medicare supplement plan premium could be  the determining factor , but should not be the only factor.  You have to consider the quality of service you  receive from an insurance  carrier.  How fast they would handle a claim or how fast their customer service department attends to your concern  is as important.  Another consideration is how committed these carriers are to the medicare solution market and their past experience.  Are they pretty stable?  Do they regularly raise premium? Do they get in and out of the medicare market often?  How long they have been offering this products?


Medicare Supplemental Plans  are not always issued based on guaranteed acceptance.  Therefore, it is important to choose the right plan and right carrier based on your  need and budget.  You are encouraged to contact us  so we can assist you in this process.  



We Currently offer Medigap coverage through United Healthcare, Aetna, Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Humana, Mutual of Omaha and many other insurance carrier in California.

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