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Medigap Plan B
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Medicare Plan B


The Medigap Plan B offers a little more coverage than the basic Plan A policy. Medicare Plan B has all the benefits of Medicare Basic Plan A. One additional benefit has been added for those who maybe concerned about the Part A hospitalization deductible. This deductible is paid for in full for each benefit period.





This can be an excellent fit for those Medicare beneficiaries who want lower premiums and are worried about hospitalization costs that may mess up on an average beneficiary’s budget. This has no additional coverage for skilled nursing, Part B deductible, Part B excess charges, and foreign travel expense.



Among many other services, Medigap Plan B covers:

• Doctor visits

• Outpatient services

• Hospital coinsurance

• Hospitalization coverage

• Occupational therapy

• Some home health care

Medigap Plan B does NOT cover:

• Part A deductible

• Part B deductible

• Part B excess

• Hospice care

• At home recovery

• Some preventative care services




Costs for Medigap Plan B services depend on whether you currently have a Medicare health plan. It also depends on the type of service you are looking for. For example, there is no fee for some services; however, you may have to pay for the office visit. How it works is, if the Plan B deductible applies, you pay all costs until the point that you meet the yearly Plan B deductible. It is at that point that Medicare will begin to pay its share. Once your deductible is met, you usually pay 20% of Medicare-approved services. If you choose providers who accept duty, you can save money.


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