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Medicare supplemental Insurance, also known as Medigap Insurance, is designed to help cover some of the medical costs that are not covered by Medicare.  These Medicare supplemental insurance plans are available to a person who is enrolled in Part A and B of Medicare.




 At the age of 65, you become eligible for medical benefits through Medicare. You may qualify for Medicare coverage at a younger age if you have certain physical disabilities or if you have End Stage Renal Disease. This program includes two basic parts: Part A - covers hospital care and skilled nursing or rehabilitation following an injury or illness. Part B - covers outpatient care, preventive screening, hospice and home health care. Part D covers the cost of certain prescription medications.

 Although, with Medicare, you'll find that many services are not fully covered. If you need to see a specialist, have a diagnostic exam, undergo a surgery or have a particular type of therapy, you may end up paying for all or part of these services out of pocket. Many seniors choose not to have these treatments at all, because the cost is so high. Medicare supplemental insurance can make up for the difference between the percentage of your care that is covered and the percentage that is not covered.



 In order to qualify for this type of coverage, you must have Medicare Part A and B. Finding affordable Medicare supplemental insurance is more convenient when you shop online. You can look for a policy with competitive premiums that offers the protection you need to stay fit and full of life.



  Medicare supplemental insurance can cover copayments, coinsurance costs and deductibles, saving you an important amount of money on your out of pocket costs for action. You’ll discover that prices vary from one insurer to another and from one plan to the next. The broader your benefits, the higher your premium will be.



  Looking for supplemental insurance coverage for your medical costs is vital in order to get the complete treatment you need to preserve an active and fulfilling lifestyle. With the costs of health care on the rise, many seniors have turned to Medicare supplemental insurance to increase their options without compromising their personal finances. Instead of paying out of pocket for copayments or coinsurance, you can cover co pays for doctor visits, procedures or therapies with supplemental insurance.

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