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Medigap Plan C
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Medicare Plan C


For Medicare subscribers, a Medigap Plan C policy may be the right way to go in order to supplement your health insurance costs. Plan C is much different from other plans, especially from Medigap Part B, which is more modified to suit the needs of seniors with much fewer costs. Plan C, on the other hand, assists with more costs that are incurred by seniors in terms of health care services.





While Medicare Part A and B may not offer the best coverage for extended care, senior nursing care, and may even leave off on costs for preventative care, Medigap Part C is the best to offer extended coverage, coinsurance, and co-payment for services outside of these Medicare plans.



There is a big deal of coverage for seniors in the hunt for health care with Medigap Plan C:

• Basic coverage

• Part A coinsurance for excess hospital costs

• Medicare part B preventative care coinsurance

• 3 pints of blood drawn

• Part B coinsurance or copayment for services other than preventative

• Skilled nursing care coinsurance

• Foreign travel healthcare emergency expenses



Medigap Plan C policies do not cover:


• At home recovery costs and items associated with it.

After a patient leaves the hospital they may still need to recover from surgery or other injuries. There may still be quite a few health related costs applied to the recovery effort. Doctors will often offer strict directives to patients that they must follow in order to get back to normal. Often these instructions will acquire additional expenses. Medigap Plan C policies do not cover these expenses that aren't covered by Medicare.


• Medicare Part B Excess Charges.

Another part where you aren't covered with this plan deals with Medicare Part B excess charges. If a doctor doesn't agree to assignment and charges for a bill that is over the limit of what Medicare will pay, then it's considered an excess charge. Medigap Plan C policies will not cover the charge so you must reimburse it yourself.




It is important that you investigate and know each Medigap plan offered before making your choice as the coverage is different with each plan, with different plans offering more customized benefits to suit different needs.

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