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Medicare Enrollment


You become eligible for Medicare enrollment at age 65, which is when most companies and individuals stop paying the premiums for a comprehensive private health plan. You have a seven-month period to sign up, starting three months before your 65th birthday. If you delay beyond this time period, you may gain penalties. Go with a Medicare enrollment directly by contacting the Social Security Administration.






Medicare has four parts: Part A, called hospital insurance; Part B, medical insurance; Part C, Medicare Advantage plans; and Part D, prescription drug plans. Most people are eligible for any of these Medicare programs at age 65 and should do a Medicare enrollment.




You may want to do a Medicare enrollment for only one part of Medicare or for several. But each part has a different Medicare enrollment procedure, and the processes differ depending on whether you are already receiving Social Security or other federal pension benefits or is a member of a managed care plan and wants to continue. When and how to go a Medicare enrollment can get confusing, so the procedures and timing for each situation and Medicare program should be taken carefully.




Decide How To Get Your Medicare. You can choose Original Medicare (Part A and B) and if you want prescription drug coverage, you must also join a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D).




You can choose to join a Medicare Advantage Plan (like an HMO or PPO, also referred to as Part C), and the plan may include Medicare prescription drug coverage. In most cases, you must take the drug coverage that comes with the Medicare Advantage Plan. You might be able to join other types of Medicare health plans. It is vital to compare both options in order to succeed with your Medicare enrollment.




Picking the right type of healthcare or prescription drug coverage can be tricky, especially now that you have so many more choices. Depending on what type of plan you want to enroll in, the time of the year it is, and when you became eligible for Part A or B of Medicare, your options may be limited.

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